The Free Internet Cafe for the Blind & Visually Impaired, the first in the whole of Africa, which opens the World Wide Web, making The Gambia a leading light in Africa, with this technology by allowing free and total access to surf the net send and receive emails and for students to enhace their studies with the aid of this pioneering software. No more do they need to rely on a third party to read to them newspapers, magazines, books, letters and world wide information. - Kingfisher Trust Mourns
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Kingfisher Trust Mourns a  Very Dear Friend and Partner.

It was ---2010, when the sad news of Lorna Robinson's sudden demise reached The Kingfisher family in The Gambia. News of this untimely death left some members in tears whilst others remained awestricken and silent for days and weeks in disbelief.

Over ----years Lorna served on the board of Kingfisher UK and worked in close partnership with Kingfisher Gambia.

She will be remembered for her immense contribution not only to consolidating this charitable organisation but for her support, and friendship with the founder of the Gambian branch, Mr. Simon Wezel and the other members .

Her legacy is marked more conspicuously by the role she played, in the Trust's projects and programmes which have changed the lives of quite a number of blind children and adults in The Gambia. As a result of the activities such as the setting up of a free Internet cafe for the blind, children and adults have learned to send and receive emails and also to browse the net for information and research .Adults in employment now find it easier to handle their tasks due to the use of laptop computers equipped with speech synthesizers. The support given by way of scanning and photocopying further enhance the work of both students and workers.

In her death, Mr. Robinson has lost a dear companion and loving wife, Charlotte and other grandchildren have lost a caring and friendly grandmother they were very fond of, whereas Kingfisher has lost an indefatigable monumental pillar of both moral and material support,

and the blind community a great benefactor.

She will always be remembered for her soft-spoken manner and commitment to supporting the visually-challenged portion of the Gambian society.

May her very gentle soul rest in perfect and eternal peace